TEN CIO Meeting – Thursday, July 10, 2014 – Niles, IL

Discussion Topic: The Nexus of Forces & What CIOs Need to do About It!

How should we be dealing with the so-called “nexus of forces”: Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, Digital, Simplicity, Disruptive Technologies, Customer Experience Management, and BPM.

The mantra about the importance of these forces and how these forces should be working together synergistically … Typically, IT gets into conversations about one of these forces, but unfortunately all are on us and must be used together … A member company is embarking on a major project right now that uses most of these forces together and the IT staff is trying to figure out how these forces affect the organization structure within IT and even within the organization and the transition to a BT role to get the job done … The old view of IT is a servant view of the world which isn’t good enough these days, however, .the business ‘doesn’t know what they don’t know’ and merely ‘serving’ them can kill us and the organization as we move into a new transformed world… 

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, June 12, 2014 – Itasca, IL

Discussion Topic: IT Budgeting Strategiesand tricks of the trade 

Helping to benchmark our Global IT budgets and where our companies should be in relation to others in the group, the discussion started with high level benchmarking sharing things like IT cost as % of sales/revenue, capital expenditures, etc. … Then members shared with one another, their ‘Tricks of the Trade’ for Global IT budget, as one member called it … E.g. what unique strategies we are using to justify the ever painful depreciation on hardware projects and software initiatives, especially when company revenues are fluctuating …

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, April 10, 2014 – Nile, IL

Discussion Topic: Conferencing Solutions and Needs for the Future

Areas of focus explored included: How are pc and mobile device-based conferencing solutions influencing your company’s video deployment strategy relative to specialized, custom integrated solutions based around a hardware video codec?

What is your current usage (voice, video conferencing, etc.) … What is most important needs for conferencing … What is your biggest challenge today in this area … What types of technology do you use …

Do you have a highly mobile workforce … if so, what are the most productive solutions for this group … Do you centralize the management of voice, video, data or does each site manage this locally … How do you right-size your network for these types of solutions … Do you use pc based solutions for conferencing (Lync, Jabber, ect) … Do you leverage any cloud based solutions …

IT’s role in these solutions (A/V, facilities and IT) and are they merging … How much do you invest in these types of solutions … Would you ever discontinue or make tradition office phones optional (use pc or mobile instead) …

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, March 13, 2014 – Vernon Hills, IL

Discussion Topic: Using Mobility as a Platform for Enterprise Innovation

Discussion Lead: J Schwan, CEO, Solstice Mobile

For today’s enterprise, innovation is crucial to building and sustaining competitive advantage … The length of time enterprises can rely on innovations of the past is decreasing … Customers and employees want sophisticated technologies to remove complexity from their lives and expose new capabilities they had never considered before … Customers are getting smarter, and large enterprises must be able to act smarter than its customers, or it will cease to exist … The answer to addressing these challenges and opportunities, is through enterprise innovation … But in many organizations that’s easier said than done … Large organizations that have silo’d lines of business and supporting operational functions often cannot mobilize at the pace required to innovate … This presentation will highlight key opportunities for innovation and share strategies to accelerate the innovation process in the enterprise. 

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, February 13, 2014 – Oak Brook, IL

Discussion Topic: How Do We Add Value to the Enterprise:

We started the session by identifying a project/IT initiative planned for FY14 and shared: The “value” which will be created, how will the value be measured and who is accountable for delivery of the value …

Then we talked about some of the key technologies that are top of mind for CIOs today (mobility, cloud, Business Analytics, social) and which one will have the greatest impact on our respective organizations in the next 12-24 months … How will the technology delivery value .. What is the estimate of value to be created by the implementation of the technology? … What is the risk involved in generating the expected level of value.

Then looked back at our top-3 projects delivered in 2013 and compare the “expected” value be created vs. what were the “actual” results.

We wrapped up by sharing who in our organizations are is responsible for driving innovation and creating value? … Do you have a formal process in place today to manage innovation and the resulting value? … Partners used and would you recommend them to others.

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, December 13, 2014 – Vernon Hills, IL

Discussion Topic: The Evolving Role of the CIO – What it takes to Remain Relevant

For this discussion, we explored the ever Changing Roles and Responsibilities of the CIO as the role continues to evolve (change) and share what we are doing to stay relevant as we enter 2014: We started by sharing what we will start doing, what we will continue doing, and what we will you stop doing in 2014 …

Then we discussed what new skills we are working on learning, working to improve/enhance and seeing as less important … the group also shared what they are reading to stay relevant … A few members shared compelling success stories and unique lesson learned from the past year

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, November 14, 2014 – Franklin Park, IL

November Meeting Topic: Strategic Planning Integration

One of the TEN Members led the discussion on Strategic Planning, IT strategic planning, the budget process and how these processes are integrated … Without a linkage between these processes, IT is doomed to have poor alignment and integration with the business and a budget that will always include waste …


Then we had a roundtable discussion sharing our Best Practices and learn some different ways do strategic planning …

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, September 12, 2014 – Vernon Hills, IL

Discussion Topic: Cloud Computing

The idea is for members to share with one another, their issues and challenges around Cloud Computing … What are you doing and why you are using the cloud … What is working … what is not working so well … what are the considerations when migrating to the cloud … what are the risks … what are the costs (savings) … Partners used …

TEN Chapter 01/03 Meeting Thursday, August 13, 2014 – Schaumburg, IL

August Meeting Topic: Shared Services Best Practices

One of the members has a lot of people in different regions and is considering implementing a shared services model, and if so, which model they would suggest and when is the best time to proceed, and especially concerning all the issues around Change Management.

Members discussed: The Pro & Cons of Shared Services … Experiences with Shared Service Models … What worked well / what did not work so well … Lessons learned / Things to avoid … The “Gotchas” … Change Management Issues … Partners used