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Colonel Jill Morgenthaler talks leadership at TEN’s 2014 conference at Cantigny, Illinois

Your job as the Chief Information Technology Executive, whether you call it CIO, CTO, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Vice President-IT or Director-IT, has never had as many quick-changing issues and challenges as it does today.

You need good ideas and people with whom you are comfortable to discuss those ideas. People just like you have found exactly that in the groups of the TEN – Technology Executive Network.

So it doesn’t have to be “lonely at the top”!

TEN is where Technology Executives meet, in small groups, to share experiences and learn from one another. By meeting with the same people monthly, over time you get to know and trust one another, and share openly your issues and challenges, what’s working and what’s not working. You become Trusted Advisors to other people just like you!

In today’s challenging business economic environment, the only constant for Business Leaders is Change! Your role as the Technology Executive continues to evolve and the number of things you have to deal with continues expand as technology reaches across all areas of the business.

So how do you keep pace or stay ahead of all this?

How would you like to have a close-knit network of CIO peers, dealing with similar issues and challenges, that you can turn to when you have questions you are not comfortable asking your CEO or boss?

By meeting with your small intimate group of CIO peers, you can leverage the knowledge of the entire group in a very short timeframe allowing to your make solid decisions with confidence.

What if you could tap into the mind of a dozen or so of your peers you have built solid relationships and trust with that serve as your ‘trusted advisors’ and ask them questions like:

  • Are you developing a Mobile Strategy for your organization?
  • Are you having Change Management Issues? How are you addressing them? What’s working and what’s not working?
  • Are you considering changing your IT Organization to better meet today’s business needs?
  • Are you clashing with your Marketing Organization?

Today’s Leading CIOs are continually building their relationships and cultivating partnerships with the other functional leaders in their organization (E.g. sales, marketing, operations, etc.) to better understand their needs.

If you are facing some or any of these issues, you should check out

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